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We started breeding Papillons in 1983.
Visiting one of the breeders being still in business, we met with the breed of Phalène.

It was a four year old bitch that caught our attention: her calm and pleasant nature, typical for Phalene, made us buying her.

So let's talk about the breed Phalène and how it all began with the first litter in 1984.
This litter brought up all the difficulties in breeding Phalène. Every now and then Papilenen are the result of cross bleeding the Papillon. Unfortunately, these dogs some times don't have perfect ears and therefore do not belong to either of the breeds. Three out of four of our first litter, only male dogs, remained PHALENE.

Throughout the years we have made additional purchases from the late Nanna Sonne, kennels "Stand-By". These dogs and one male of our first litter built the foundation of our breeding. We have been set back several times, but calling only the positive things to mind we look back on 20 enjoyable years.

As you can see from various titles, such as world champion and other championships, our breed has continuously been producing first-class dogs.

Requirements to our breed are:

  • Health and longevity

  • Openly and friendly nature

  • Reproductive capacity

  • Beauty

We attach great importance to FCI's acknowledgement of the breed.

First came Phalène; due to the increasing popularity of its brother with erected ears the breeding of Phalène has been pushed into the background.

Phalène may not be well-known; but, having ever owned one, it will always be your favourite dog!

We are breeding only with PL and PRA free dogs.

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